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At Cecil Andrews College we are creating opportunities for our staff and students to engage in STEM Learning across the school and curriculum. This means creating learning opportunities in any subject which focus on STEM curriculum content. When the disciplines of STEM are combined new opportunities for integrated real life learning occurs. 


We believe that integrated learning experiences are engaging for students and help to prepare them for life and work in a hyper-changing world.


STEM Learning is often project-based, collaborative and student-centered. At Cecil Andrews College we understand that our students engage very well with practical and design-based challenges. Design and innovation thinking are a central to our approach


To meet the needs of our students we are introducing a range of STEM-based extension programs. Some are challenge based competitions, some are an academic extension and some are community outreach. 


We are redesigning programs and learning spaces across the school to cater for STEM Learning. Our staff and students are taking on new and exciting programs with enthusiasm and energy.

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