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Cecil Andrews College

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Our Partners

Pathways in Techology

Western Australia's first P-Tech school.

The P-TECH pilot involves the establishment of long-term partnerships between industry, schools and tertiary education providers that enable businesses to play an active role in the learning and career development of their future workforce. This includes mentoring and providing pathways from school to further education, training, and employment, including opportunities for employment with the school’s industry partners.

The P-TECH model features opportunities for students to connect and build relationships with industry partners, and engage in hands-on, project-based activities, both at school and in the workplace. These experiences will help students to make informed decisions about their future careers and pathways.


Datacom is a CA College P-Tech partner and is collaborating with us also, to manage an ICT Support and Teacher Training network in the SE Metropolitan Education cluster of 23 public schools. 

CURTIN University

CA College is a member of Curtin University's Innovative Schools Consortium which allows Curtin University to help the college meet its goals for development and transformation of learning and teaching while providing opportunities to students. The school will assist in identifying and developing their talented students for ACES programs and acceleration into Curtin. The University will be a partner in community impact, public communications, organisational change and increasing educational opportunities for school staff as well as promising students. Other benefits for schools include STEM education, continuous improvement of learning and teaching, observational classes for teacher improvement, strategic school leadership support, and school and community development.

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