E-Sports - Vertx Gaming

CA College has implemented an eSports Arena in it's STEM Centre with an after school club for students in years 7-12 and integration with project assessment in Year 11 Applied Information Technology. Project aims include curriculum integration with Digital Technologies and Applied Information Technology through eSports and Games Development. Students gain 21st Century Skills focusing on the CA College 5 Cs - aligned with the ACARA General capabilities, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Cultural Understanding.

Outcomes Students work to;

  • To develop a local collaborative gaming community

  • Compete in Flaktest and High School eSports Leagues

  • To design their own learning projects

  • To develop the CA College 5Cs of 21st Century skills

    • Critical Thinking​

    • Communication

    • Collaboration

    • Creativity

    • Culture

  • Manage the Vertx Gaming Club Enterprise​ - Constitution, Meetings, Finances

Vortal AR and VR Presentation

Students are developing AR and VR presentations about eSports gaming

Heading 1

Why we think ESports is good for students https://flaktest.com/
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