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The Wilder Wolves

We interviewed all team members and mentors, and gave them three questions to answer:


  • Why are you interested in FRC?

  • What do you hope to gain?

  • What have you learned?


I am interested in FRC because it's a good opportunity and it's good to learn about different subjects that you haven't learned about before, I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge. I hope to gain knowledge about robotics and engineering as well as business. I have already learned different things about robotics and how to build a robot as well as learning more about computer skills, business and teamwork skills.

Team Captain


I am interested in FRC because I hope it can help me develop my knowledge in engineering, which could help me build a pathway into the Royal Australian Air Force. I hope to gain extensive knowledge of robotics, engineering, coding and to help develop my teamwork skills. I have already learnt some team work skills, some engineering knowledge and some helpful skills I can apply in school.

Team Captain


I am interested in the FRC because I feel that it would be an amazing and fun experience that would help expand my knowledge of robotics.

I hope to have gained some new skills and to have an insight into the engineering world .

I have already learned how to set up a web page and how to create and retrieve team shirts and other creative ways to make our teams image.

Safety Captain


I was interested in joining the FRC team because I like challenging myself and I thought it would be an amazing experience to learn and expand my knowledge about engineering and robotics and to also meet people around the world who have the same interests. I hope to gain engineering and programming skills along with new friends from different places with this experience. Over the past month, I have learned about the components that make up the robot and also that a lot more goes into gain a great FRC team.

Scouting Captain


I joined FRC because I was interested in Robotics and learning about mechatronic engineering. I hope to gain interesting experiences, make new friends and learn more about this field of engineering. 



I am interested in FRC because I enjoy building things and doing stuff that involves technology. I hope to gain experience in Engineering. I’ve  learnt how to assemble the gear box for the robot.

Drive Team


I am interested in FRC because I have always liked robots and if the program ran when I was at school I would have done it . I am doing the FRC as I would like the chance to help students do something memorable . I have already learnt a lot about robots work.



I am interested in FRC because  it sounded like a great experience and I have always been interested in the areas of building, planning and engineering. I hope to gain knowledge in the areas of building and using the tools. I have learnt how to use the tools safely, designing, planning, building skills and also have built my knowledge with computers.

Scouting and Drive Team


I am interested in FRC because i can learn more skills in Engineering. I hope to gain better teamwork skills. So far I have learnt how the robot works and functions.

Build Team


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Scouting and Build Team


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Business and Media Team


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Scouting and Coding Team


I am interested in the FRC because it offers so many opportunities for students for work and life. I hope that from doing this program that it has an influence on the whole school and make students aspire to do something special. I have learned that the faith I have in students and their ability to step up to extraordinary challenges is well placed.

Lead Coach


I am interested in FRC because I like to see my children and the students develop skills in STEM, teamwork, and communication. I hope to gain knowledge in STEM learning. I also would like to support the students in gaining life and workplace skills. I have learned that if you believe in the students they learn to believe in themselves.



I am interested in FRC because i would like to have more skills in engineering. I would hope to learn more about robots to keep up with the world standard to put Australia first with technology. I have learnt how to make a robot machine and also learnt stuff about robotics i havent before.

Scouting and Business


I am interested in FRC because i believe that FRC provides an opportunity for students to develop valuable skills and knowledge which are not necessarily gained in the classroom. By working together towards solving real problems and participating in a challenging competition , i have seen students develop as team players, communicators and mature learners, Coupled with learning technical and STEM related skills, FRC is an excellent program to inspire students to further themselves through dediaction and work


Allen (Tosh)

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