PLASTIGO Arcade Table

The PLASTIGO arcade table is a project made by a year 9 STEAM class. This is a semester-long project to design and build an 80s style arcade gaming table. The table is run by a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer.


Year 9 STEAM has no curriculum but draws on STEM subjects and required that the students choose their own projects. The students decided to use an existing project on Instructables as a starting point and the creatively linked it to the PLASTIGO gaming project.

Students have learned to create games in the game engine Construct 3 which have plastic recycling themes.

Our Team

  • Mr John Townley - Teacher

  • Bodie Kelly - Raspberry Pi

  • Bree Foster - Raspberry Pi

  • Rafael Espineli - Game Design

  • Alex Smith - Game Design

  • Mark Apostol - Woodwork

  • Raffi Good-Gerne - Woodwork

  • Obias Chungu - Woodwork


We are basing our design off of the Raspberry Pi arcade table but, we are adding our own twist to the machine by making our own size and look to it, with different colours and shapes.

Game Board


Raspberry Pi


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