Noongar Six Seasons Projects

Published on Mar 3, 2015

Trevor Walley yarns about the seasons and how Aboriginal culture based their seasons on the environment; flowers, vegetation and wildlife. He discusses the plants and his interpretation of a dream time story. The connection circle of life through the plants to reptiles and animals and then birds take the life up to the sky and spirit world.

Yarning Circle and Six Seasons Forest

The centre of our forest is a Yarning Circle. Aboriginal people have always gathered in circles to discuss things important to communities. The Yarning Circle is the way Noongar people traditionally communicate with respect and listening for all. Our Yarning Circle is being designed and built by Noongar members of the College Indigenous community with elders guiding young people. There will be paths and plantings to help see and understand the Six Noongar Seasons, a fire pit, seats and a six-sided roof.

Six Seasons Racing

On the outside of our Six Seasons Forest, our Year 7 Two-way STEAM class is designing a Remote Control (RC) car track with sections of the track themed in the six Noongar seasons. Each racing team is building a classic RC Off-road racer called a Grasshopper. Each racing team is responsible for a track section and its' landscaping as well as painting their car shell with seasonal designs. Students will offer races for paying customers to rais money for replacement parts, extra batteries, and track materials. 

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