U-say is an interactive website that helps students feel more represented at school. Its serves as a way for students to communicate with staff members and school management and provide positive and negative feedback to help improve students experience at school.  U-Say is by the students for the students.

Purpose of U-Say

Our purpose is to give the students a platform in which that they can voice there concerns. These concerns can range from  minor issues to major problems including bullying, hygiene and an arrange of other topics. 


The creators of this life changer were a group of intelligent year 10 students, with an ambition and passion to help their peers. Our first intentions were to create a platform that students can voice there concerns about their school experience and problems that may encounter in their school day. We plan to collect information, through an online survey and to present our findings to the Student Council.  This information is used to improve the experience and well-being of the students. 

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Cecil Andrews College

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