WA Robotics Clubs Sponsors 

Inspiring high-level STEM engagement through robotics among WA School students is a big job.


WA Robotics Clubs are grateful for the generous support of the following sponsors and supporters.

FIRST Australia and Macquarie University

Help all our FIRST teams in their Rookie years a great deal. That help, in turn, enriches STEM learning in our schools and our communities.

FLL Teams have received Google Grants and FRC Teams Robots in the Outback Grants (for low ICSEA schools) sponsored by The Argosy Foundation.

Salesforce sponsored ARC through the  Schools Plus Smart Giving Program in 2018.


Salesforce is a global Customer Relationship Management Software and Cloud Computing company which recognises the work we do in bringing high-level STEM learning to underrepresented school students and communities.

Cecil Andrews College proudly supports and hosts Armadale Robotics Clubs and FRC Team 6524 The Wilder Wolves. Without that support, ARC would not be having the impact it is.


The School Pathways Program has supported Cecil Andrews College and secondary schools involved as leaders with resources and inclusion in STEM networks. This support has been critical to ARC establishment.

The City of Armadale allocated a Community Contributions Grant to Armadale Robotics Clubs in 2017 to help us grow. We shared it with all the ARC schools in the COA.


Community Engagement gives our students the opportunity to share what they are achieving and give back to their community.

Business Armadale helps us connect with local businesses who can help us achieve our goals and offer students their encouragement and support.

FORD Australia sponsors FIRST Australia ro run FRC competitions.


All Australia FRC Teams are grateful for their support and committment to STEAM Learning.

Curtin University assists ARC  in several ways. Curtin Engineering Outreach provides mentors, guest speakers, and support for our integrated Cecil Andrews College  Digital Technologies Teacher Development School program.  The ARC Robotics Club Coordinators and mentors gain knowledge and skills to take back to their schools. Cecil Andrews College is also a member of the Curtin University Innovative School Consortium. 

Armadale Kelmscott Lions support ARC schools in participating in FIRST Programs with big encouragement and small financial contributions.

CoderDojoWA and the Fogarty Foundation support ARC schools in participating in CoderDojo in their Robotics Clubs which facilitates Coding opportunities and resource sharing. Guest speakers provide training through ARC integrated DigiTech TDS

WA businesses supporting us

SEARLE Fasteners support ARC schools in participating in FIRST Robotics with specialist bolts, nuts, and washers.

Battery World Armadale support ARC schools in participating in FIRST Robotics with low voltage electrical supplies and Batteries.

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